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Stan: A Marvelous Journey

Currently in pre-production with Icu Studio-T.

Directed by Ted Leonard with Will Arnot as DP.

Feature Scripts


  • Tusks of Varaha

When three screwball surfers discover a sex cult in the Santa Cruz Mountains, they must navigate bizarre rituals as they walk the line between escaping the cult and accepting the challenge to become sex gods.

  • Blanket Fort

​A college girl invites all of Oakland, CA to an epic, all-night blanket fort party at a marijuana-growing warehouse on the same night the Oakland PD investigates the warehouse for drugs.​

  • Backwoods Games

When a small-town feud breaks out between a militia of "sovereign citizens" and a group of army vets, a local lawyer who's caught in the middle is determined to save his town, and his childhood friends, from an all-out war.

  • Society of Pardners to Melt Alaska

When a group of cowboys sets out to melt Alaska in 1959 because they think it’s a sham state made of snow, US authorities blame Russia for the cowboys’ mission, igniting a satire of the Cold War.


  • Meth Pirate Town

An eccentric slumlord is determined to build a perverse empire of drugs, porn, and rat-infested apartment buildings before he dies of nine terminal illnesses.


Short Scripts


  • Last Day as an Urban Legend (TV Pilot)

A group of young bohemians continually become implicated in urban legends, adding humorous complications to their daily first-world struggles.


  • Western Imperialism Perfected (Short)

Late at night on a cold beach, three young hicks help a very intoxicated man find the ocean, which is right before his eyes.

NOTE: These screenplays are unproduced! Contact me for writing samples or to review the completed screenplays.

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