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Review of The Singularity Survival Guide by Warp 10

Warp 10, a new sci-fi literary journal, just published a review of my book, "The Singularity Survival Guide."

Here are a few highlights from the review:

The Singularity Survival Guide is a fresh take on the age-old science fiction formula of presenting a problem that must be solved. This time, it is you, the reader, who is placed in an imaginary dilemma: how to survive the possible singularity.


While the subject matter can be distressing on an existential level if you’re a puss-puss like myself, The Singularity Survival Guide is still comedic. Clarke uses the format of the book to great effect. The book is framed as if it’s a collection of singularity survival tips authored by an AI. Some chapters are followed by commentary from fictional “experts,” who bicker over academic points and make snide remarks. My personal favorite gag in this book is “Mr. J., Venture Capitalist, Recovering Alcoholic, Single,” whose comments always veer off-topic towards his sad life.


If you have any interest in AI—or futurism in general—I would highly recommend The Singularity Survival Guide.

Check out the full book review, written by Regan Chasek.

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