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How to Throw an Epic Book Release Party

Just think: What would Charles Dickens do? Or better yet: What would Louis-Ferdinand Céline do? Or even more to the point, if it was 1967 in California with “Trout Fishing in America” hot off the presses and with the streets teeming with beautiful people rocking flamboyant hairstyles and mismatched shoes: What would Richard Brautigan do?

That’s a good place to start.

Otherwise, in my case, releasing “Politicians Are Superheroes,” I relied upon the following recipe:

  • 105 degree day: check

  • California urban wasteland: check

  • A private warehouse space, anonymous on the outside, bohemian paradise on the inside: check

  • Various ugly couches: check

  • An abundance of drinks including fancy IPAs and boxed wine: check

  • A table full of snacks including donuts: check

  • An exclusive guest list of total rad longtime friends and local artist legends: check

  • A life-size cutout of James Joyce: check

And that’s it. Now you know!

Artwork by "Politicians Are Superheroes" cover artist Mark Dwyer

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