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"Politicians Are Superheroes" Is Here and I Bet You Can't Wait to See the Book Trailer

"Politicians Are Superheroes" is a comic novel written in the spirit of Richard Brautigan and Donald Barthelme. Someone will read it and think it's pure anarchist propaganda. Someone else might think it's a children's story and then be repulsed when it gets offensive and obscene. But for most readers, it will almost invariably lead to riots on the streets and political upheaval from Arkansas to Mumbai.

When politicians are bought and sold, when ancient monarchs prowl the earth looking for kingdoms to rule, and when common citizens are corrupted by dreams of an alien anarchist utopia, the time has come for the world to be destroyed at any moment.

In this comic satire of political corruption gone off the rails, it’s up to an ensemble of disgraced politicians to prove their mythical status as superheroes—and to save the world from something far more sinister than they had ever imagined.

But I know you're really here to see the book trailer. Okay, check it out!

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