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Reading for Inside Storytime in San Francisco

Inside Storytime is a monthly reading series in the Bay Area hosted by author James Warner. I met James virtually a while ago when he submitted a story to Fifth Wednesday Journal, where I serve as an assistant editor. I was really excited about the story he submitted, and I let him know. Since then, we've kept in contact and I've had the pleasure of publishing James twice in my literary journal, Jokes Review.

This month, James invited me to read a story for Inside Storytime. The reading was held at an old nunnery in SF that's been converted into The Convent Arts Collective. The night's readers were all fantastic, including Youssef Alaoui, Angela Pneuman, and Lyndsay Ellis.

I read my story "Your Man for a Prison," which was recently published by Pacifica Literary Review. All around: it was a great night and I highly recommend Inside Storytime for Bay Area writers. For those local to Oakland, I'd also recommend checking out The Naked Bulb Open Mic, which happens monthly in a backyard setting in the Fruitvale area.

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