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"Dudebuddy" on Urban Dictionary

It's no secret that I've been on a mission for years to bring the word "Dudebuddy" into the vocab of the common people. If used correctly, it's more than a word: it's the catalyst of a very informal social revolution. Once you adopt the word into your everyday speech, you'll understand.

The word lived in my head for a number of years (picked up initially from a group of hicks in an art class in Port Angeles, Washington) before it slipped out one day. Now it's used quite widely among my dudebuddies throughout Northern California. Through the travels of my dudebuddies, the word has also been used throughout the U.S. in cities including Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, Austin, Chicago, New Orleans, and New York. The word has also been used abroad in Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Italy, Germany, and England.

Now, Dudebuddy officially appears on Urban Dictionary. As I discussed in a previous post, "Rejected by Urban Dictionary," I've attempted to get the word listed with a legitimate definition several times in the past. The editors at UD, apparently, are quick to reject definitions that are inside jokes. It's true that Dudebuddy might have started as a sort of inside joke--but now it has grown beyond that. Join the revoluition! Join team Dudebuddy!

Here's the definition, according to my alter ego, Jollygoodsir, on Urban Dictionary:

Dudebuddy: The type of friend who sees the world just like you do. You share similar music tastes, career goals, sexual desires, etc.

I'm starting a sick indie glam band with my dudebuddy.

As noted by my dudebuddy Chris Fairman, the definition is okay, but it misses the fact that Dudebuddy is also a bond of friendship and a way of life.

I'm halfheartedly overseeing a Dudebuddy website, operated as a sort of art blog. Check it out for more info on the dudebuddy revolution. Also follow my updates on Tweeter @harveydukeman. #dudebuddy #dudebuddynation

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