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"Little Boxes" - Short Film

The song "Little Boxes" is a famous political satire about suburbia. It just so happens that I've been renting a room in the same exact neighborhood that inspired the song: the Westlake District of Daly City, California.

Westlake is one of the first suburban developments in the United States. That made it a prime target for a protest song. However, Pete Seeger could never have imagined what Weslake has become today: an insanely expensive commuter town for San Francisco and Silocon Valley and a unique home-away-from home for Filipino immigrants.

Granted, suburbia is lousy. I'll admit that in a heartbeat: it's just stupid. I'd hate to see a calculation on how many hours the average suburbanite spends watching sports. I'd probably puke.

But just like anything in life, even suburbia-living isn't always what it seems. This video hopes to prove that.

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