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And/Or Volume 4, Featuring "The Ruin"

And/Or Volume 4 just came in the mail today. Out of all the literary journals I've read recently, this might be my favorite. It's not quite as edgy as I would have guessed (given that it caters to "experimental" works). However, it definitely presents a wide range of styles with a nice mix of prose and poetry. All the pieces are short and there aren't any that I would consider duds. Overall, an entertaining collection. My favorite story is possibly "Captain Caveman" by Steve Castro.

The volume features my poem, "The Ruin." Most of the lines of this poem were copied directly from a novella I started in 2005 and probably will never complete. It's actually a song, rather than a poem. Certain venues in Sacramento, CA have had the privilege of hearing me sing and sometimes scream this late at night, finishing what And/Or might consider an experimental set...


Already the morning news is grousing with ugly surprises, each a scar upon her, Miss Morning’s, otherwise luscious figure. I’ve seen some beautiful ladies. Well, here is the prettiest of them all, retching and tear-stained.

Shoreline seconds, instilled with sloth, where do they slide but back to sea? Lost ships. Torpid fish. The sunrise sinks as one last glance of all that’s left of everything.

I’ll be in the ruin.

Somewhere between two trees an empty hammock hangs as if to keep fine leisure secure. But not here. The cool air is vibrant and the pastel morning chokes on it.

The battlements of stone and blood might just be a fantastic tease. But stampede. You masses all. The final stage is set and you better know where to find me.

I’ll be in the ruin.

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