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Rejected by Urban Dictionary

As it turns out, the folks at Urban Dictionary are particular as hell. Right this moment they're sitting in their basement level office space watching reruns of Adam Sandler videos and eating imported caviar and sipping select brands of chocolate milk.

Screw them. I'll just keep my definition of "Dudebuddy" all to myself:

Dudebuddy: A cordial reference to most nouns to which personal familiarity can be attached. Example: “Hey, dudebuddy, let’s go get donuts; I’m really craving some jelly-filled dudebuddys in particular if you know what I’m talking about.”

Similar words: Dudeman, dudejeeze, dudebitch

Etymology: The first known usage of dudebuddy was in Port Angeles, WA by a small group of high school rednecks. The word was popularized in 2008 when the cult novel “The Work Done Man” featured a character named Dude Buddy.

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